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AJSU’s spokesperson’s brother shot dead

AJSU’s spokesperson’s brother shot dead 

The criminals of Kisan Pahan Oraon (42) resident of Bhurso Bengawatoli village of Sisai police station shot and killed them. Pahan Oraon was the cousin of AJSU Party’s central spokesperson, Doctor Devsharan Bhagat and lived in the village and used to cultivate his life. On Thursday, he was returning fom Sisai Bazar after selling vegetable at six o’clock. In the meantime, three criminals stopped his bike by overtaking it near Bandi Tongri on the Bhurso road. And shot him in the chest and fled to the Baghni Village.

On the incident, SP Gumla inspected the spot on Friday. On the spot, SDPO Bachandev Kujur, Puani Uday Shankar Prasad, Saani Ajit Rai and the police personnel provided the necessary guidelines for the arrest of the killers. Pahan Oraon has five daughters and eight year old son Pancharaj Oraon. Two daughters have been married.

After the murder, his wife Timiya Devi, daughter Geeta Oraon, Yamuna Oraon, and Rune Rohit are crying. Timiya Devi says: “Kamaye wala aadmi chail gelak. Ab moye teen beti, ek beta kar lalan palan kaise karbu. Kono sahara nakhe.” On the murder of husband, Timiya Devi has lodged a case against unknown criminals in Sisai police station. There was a debate over the love affair with Devnath Oraon of Bhurso Lavagai village, seven years before the eldest daughter of Pahan Oraon was born. Devnath Oraon was in jail. After that, Devnath had tried to kill the daughter of Pahan Oraon. And have also had separate marriages of both.

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