Preparations have started for the Prakriti festival Sarhul, for the last two years due to Corona, the procession could not be taken out, but if everything goes well this time, a grand procession will be taken out on April 4. The preparation for which has already started. In connection with this preparation, a meeting of religious social organizations was held in Siram Toli under the chairmanship of Ajay Tirkey, chairman of the Central Sarna Committee.

In the meeting, Ajay Tirkey said that in view of the corona epidemic, following the guidelines of the government, Sarhul festival was organized by the committee for the last two years.

This year a grand event will be held on the occasion of Sarhul. A procession will be taken out from different areas of Ranchi. People dancing in traditional costumes with the tableau will reach Siram Toli. The committee will encourage the well performing Khodha team. The first prize will be Rs 51,000, second prize will be Rs 31,000, and third prize will be Rs 21,000.