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Adani Power, after hearing the commotion: stoning in Godda, baton charge, firing and seven injured

Adani Power, after hearing the commotion: stoning in Godda, baton charge, firing and seven injured 

Adani power plant in the village of Godda lavender environmental public hearing held after the uproar solidified. Villagers threw stones at police. DSP Baban Singh, head burst on throwing stone. Two ASI and two policemen are injured. Police baton-charged, the three villagers are injured. The police fired three rounds Hawaii.

Fired tear gas shells. Public hearing was held on Sunday in high school. Out during the hearing in the JVM general secretary Pradeep Yadav were also present.

After the end of the hearing the commotion: Additional collector Anil Tirkey announced as soon as the end of the hearing, some villagers talking about the commotion began to speak. Chairs began throwing. The people present at the scene and chased the police baton-charge. The main gate to the other side of a large number of villagers started pelting stones at the police. Five policemen injuries. Godda DSP Baban Singh hitting it on the head stones were bled. Magistrate then ordered to leave the tear gas. Left half a dozen tear gas shells. People see cools, police fired three rounds Hawaii.

The two groups were in rural: During the hearing, about two to three thousand were present among rural high school campus. Most of the placards said. Adani company to settle the matter of which was written. The hearing began at 11 AM. Additional Collector Anil Tirkey, making the company the green environmental survey company India Consistancy, Jharkhand Pollution Control Board officials Mithlesh Kumar Santosh Kumar Jha and Adani company’s future effects on the environment put your things. Then took the advice of local Raytaen. There are over hearing some villagers accused speaking. Officials and police personnel present inside the stalls during those asked to leave. Then pandemonium erupted.

DSP Baban Singh who was injured after being hit head exploded stone, hand injury Mofussil police station inspector hurt in Braj Kishore Kumar’s right Knptty Singh, In-charge SI Bijendra Court Hajt hand and neck injury Inspector Arun Rai stones in knee, and also baton injuries to three villagers.

After court hearing the commotion started by some. Many people have been detained. The administration has made clean way environmental hearing. Local representatives, were present rayed and rural. DC Godda Bhuvnesh Singh, When people were returning after the conclusion of the hearing, some miscreants pelted stones. This DSP and policemen were injured. The magistrate ordered the crowd to disperse. There are three rounds left.
Harilal Chauhan, SP, godda

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