Corona has started growing rapidly in Jharkhand once again. 278 patients were found in the state on Thursday. This is the largest number of patients found in a day after two and a half months. Earlier in January, 236 patients were found. The maximum number of new patients found on Thursday was 170 in Ranchi. Earlier on Wednesday, 93 patients were found here. The maximum number of patients has been found in Ranchi after 75 days. At the same time, the number of healthy attendants was also less than 100.

In view of these conditions, the government has come on alert mode. Health Secretary KK Soan has asked all DCs to increase the number of beds for Corona patients in their districts. He said that by April 30, 11 thousand beds should be prepared in the state. Ranchi DC has been asked to prepare 1500 beds.

The Health Secretary said that Corona cases are increasing rapidly in some states. There continues to be unabated traffic. In such a situation, Corona infection is expected to increase rapidly in the state as well. So take all precautionary steps. Arrange beds in all the districts considering the estimated number of cases. Check the ventilators to see if they are correct. Also arrange for adequate amount of sanitizer, mask and PPE kit. Because looking at the data of last year, it can be said that life can be saved only by adequate critical infrastructure.

Corona vaccination figures have crossed 12 lakhs in the state. On Thursday, 32669 beneficiaries took the first dose of the corona vaccine. These include 24594 elderly, 6254 sick above 45 years and 1889 health-frontliners. Now the third phase of the special drive of vaccination will run from 26 to 27 March. So far, 4.50 lakh people have been vaccinated under this drive.

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