On Monday night, several vehicles were caught fire in Chuttupalu Valley. Later, there was a fire in the accidental gas tanker, which was already in the crash. An auto bus, two trucks, an I-20 car, an ambulance and a force company’s vehicle carrying Ranchi to Sahibganj was ridden in the fire. This has led to a rift. The fire was about nine o’clock on Monday night. The fire in the vehicles was extinguished. But the fire tank in the gas tanker has not extinguished till 6 a.m. till the news of the news is written.

After the fire, the operation of vehicles on NH11 was stopped from both sides. Until the post was written, it could not start till 6 o’clock. The nine-member team of NDRF, led by Inspector Saroj Kumar, from Ranchi. Also, the fire team of ONGC reached the site.

It was told that the fire in the gas tanker will be extinguished after the burning gas completely after burning. After that the vehicles will be allowed to operate only after the removal of the vehicles. Seeing the horrific fire yesterday, it was spread that many people were killed in the incident. But in the morning, only one badly burnt body was seen in the burning ambulance after the fire was extinguished. But the dead body has not been identified. It is being told that a corpse was being taken to Giridih from Ranchi. Which was burnt. There is talk of recruitment in the rims due to the scorching people on the ambulance.


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