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14 newborn bodies found in sack, fear of feticide in Deoghar

14 newborn bodies found in sack, fear of feticide in Deoghar 

Nearly a dozen semi-developed newborn bodies have been recovered from the buses in Dumrarmar village on the right bank of Dumka road located in Mohanpur block of Devgarh. All the bodies were filled in a glass of jars and put in the sack.


Earlier on Sunday, the police had recovered the bodies of two newborns from this place in the glass jar. It was the body of a boy and a girl, according to the police, most of the bodies recovered on both days belonged to the girls. Therefore, fear of embryonic killing is also being expressed. The police has seized all the bodies at the moment, have entered the station diary and started investigations. Here, sensation has spread in the area after meeting the bodies of 14 newborns.

According to the police, all dead bodies will be buried on Tuesday morning. The police suspect that the body has not been thrown into a private clinic by killing a fetus.

The woman had seen the body of the newborn: a woman had seen the body of a newborn in a sack in Dumrythar village on Sunday. He gave this information to the people of the village. After this the crowd gathered there. Police started investigation, then found another bag in the bushes, the bodies of 12 newborns were recovered on the opening of the second sack, a lot of beer bottles were also found on the spot.

The bodies of the newborns are found in the bushes of Dumrythar village. The body of two semi-infant grown nephew is recovered in a glass jar. All bodies will be buried on Tuesday, on orders of senior officials. In this case, the investigation of the station diary has been started.
Deepak Kumar, In-charge of Police, Mohanpur

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